Malaysia - Fun, Peace, and Adventure all rolled into one!

Leaving the hustle and bustle of Singapore, my next destination was Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.  Initially, I was only going to spend time there and move on to my next country, but I had been informed of several different places in Malaysia to visit, in addition to the wonders that KL had to offer.  That said, it has been almost two weeks and I am sitting here, on the wonderful Island of Langkawi, still wondering if I’ll be leaving Malaysia at all anytime soon.  It has been quite incredible!!

Next Stop, Malaysia!!

KL at first glance had many of similar qualities of Singapore, with plenty a little bit of a financial district, hundreds of hawker markets for incredible amounts of food, and the wonderful locals who will stop at nothing to give you a hand when if you are having issues getting around.  However, I got the chance to do a few activities outside the city that absolutely blew my mind, and gave me a bigger appreciation of this wonderful country.

In the week that I was in KL, I had managed to visit several Hindu temples, explore a dark bat cave, endure on a few vigorous hikes that resulted in some of the most beautiful waterfalls that you can ever see.  Not to mention the seemingly endless supply of cats that roam the street that absolutely melted my heart!  I just want to take them all with me on my journey!!

While Kuala Lumpur was incredible, I was informed by some of my hostel mates of some of the other areas in Singapore to travel.  And so, I set my next sights on Penang, where in addition to the fun pub crawls and cheap food, I was able to trek on another jungle hike to Turtle Beach.  The hike was about 3.5 kilometers one way, which involved quite a bit of terrain.  Not an advanced hike by any means, but enduring the 30-degree Celsius heat and the humidity, you will finish with your short completely drenched in sweat!  Fortunately, you’ll reach a lovely beach where you can definitely cool off, before making yourself sweat again making the journey back home. 

The World Trade Center - Twin Towers

Exploration is truly the essence of Human Spirit.

The famous Batu Caves...don't shine your light at the ceilings, otherwise you'll experience Bat Mania!!

I had only spent a cup of coffee in Penang, because I was also informed about the beautiful island of Langkawi!  This has been by far the best experience I’ve had in Malaysia so far.  The wonderful “The Crowded House” hostel, is one of the most laid-back, chill places to meet new people.  It would be very tough for you to get up from one of their hammocks just go to out and see the island!  But trust me when I say to get up and see it!  The beaches of Langkawi are clean, with incredibly warm ocean water, cheap foods and drinks, and plenty of watersport activities to partake. 

Wonderful view of Turtle Beach after a long and grueling hike....sadly there were no turtles in the area :(

Already miss some of the wonderful new friends I have met in Penang!!

That is only the tip of the iceberg, as Langkawi also has several other portions of the island that satisfy the tastes of many.  Plenty of fun bars, more waterfall lagoons to take a dip, temples, night markets, and an exhilarating view of the islands from their Skybridge 700 meters from sea level.  Enjoy the view! 

Sunsets in Langkawi don't give you much enthusiasm to leave

Taking a wonderful dip in a waterfall hole...

Long story short, I’m still in Langkawi and have not seen everything yet.  Who knows when I’ll be leaving!  Until next time, and Happy Halloween!!